GamersCentral.de – <b>Beta Madness</b> was founded on the 26th April, 2012 and was made by a Gamer for Gamers. We all would love to get our Hands on our favorite Game before its final Release. During our online Investigation it became apparent that there were no single resource that assisted or provided relevant Information enabling a clear and easy Navigation Site.


Our goal is to be one of the best Beta-Sharing Service leading source for anything involving Beta Games. There is nothing more annoying then missing out on a Beta for a Game which you have been badly waiting for. We here at Beta Madness aim to change that around with a nice and easy Website which you can check and find out what Games are going or are running a Beta.


We also intend to build an extensive Database of interested Beta-Testers where we can keep you all up to date with all the New Content we post. We strive to keep up to Date with the latest beta Games but we won’t find them all. We strive to focus on our most valuable resource, YOU. If you know or hear about a Game which is going to or is running a Beta Submit it here for all us to see.