Closed beta testing for The Aurora World starts on March 7th, 2013!

The Story

Long ago, a brutal clash between the Gods in Heaven took place, a war of immense magnitude that brought on a catastrophic end to existence. Centuries passed and life has found a way, a beautiful world forged from ruins where land, oceans and sky emerged from the epic battle of past. Born were three powerful nations: EosHelios andSelene. Countries divided by their own beliefs, fighting the evils that lay within their borders, while at the cut-throats with one another. Amidst the animosity, a greater evil is growing!

Band together with one of the three great nations, learn the culture, master a profession and grow in battle prowess. Evil is arising and threatening the things most cherished to life! Unless stopped, it will mean the end of the Aurora World!


Unique anomalies of The Aurora World, majinns come in 3 forms: SoulMonster and Gem. If you’re lucky enough to obtain one, they will be your guardian throughout your travels. As your character grows, so does your Majinn; acquiring skills that will assist you in battle. When out of conflicts, use your majinn as a mount to traverse the world quicker.


The Aurora World offers a wealth of stages for players to test their prowess against one another. Battle in the Coliseum, mano-a-mano or try your luck in Nation Wars, where up to 300 players can duke it out amongst one another to see who’ll be the last one standing. There’s also a PK (player kill) system where enemies of the opposing nations can initiate battles with you.
Losers leave empty handed, while the victor reaps the rewards.

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